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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Elderly Drivers

I had to take my mother's and father's drivers licenses away. In the case of my mother, in her 80s, she ran her car into a ditch and got a ticket. I went to the court and suggested they make her take a driving test as part of her sentence/fine. She knew she couldn't pass it. In the case of my father in his mid-70s his sight was failing, but he insisted he was okay to drive. I had his doctor tell him if he didn't have an eye check he'd send a notice to the BMV. He gave up his license. They were both very mad at me for a while....but that's fine. I say that because as Boomers get older, I am seeing a whole LOT of folks who have NO BUSINESS behind the wheel. A little old lady going 20 mph on a highway was just one today. Most family members either don't want to, or can't bring themselves to challenge their family members. I suggest that we have a law that says when you hit age 65, and every year thereafter, you have to take a physical driving test to keep your license.....and more than just around the block. We are living longer and seniors don't want to give up their cars, but in many cases they don't belong on the road; and may not even know it!
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